jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

The backstabber and the juggling ant

Basado en "El Tocador de Pifano de Manet...si tambien Manet. Creo que tengo una fijacion

Based on the painting " EL tocador de Pifano" by Manet....yes yes him again...I think I have a sort of fixation with him.

martes, 22 de enero de 2008


Mother Duck Wants to go Hunting

To end the Trilogy

Zola at the office

Also a painting by Manet... In this one I decided to go even a litle bit more pop. The simbolism has gon up a bit, because now we don't have osiris personified to represent ancient culture. I have reduced him to a mummy. Well actualy, Emil Zola is partly mummified. I really don't know if he was right handed, but since its the most common thing, I mummified his right arm to simbolize tradition. The book he is reading is suppost to be a the best seller novell HARRY POTTER...(jijijiji)

In the backround the original painting had some images of influeces that Manet and the rest of the impresionsits had. I think it was a japonese engraving by an artis called Utagawa Kuniyaki, a picture of Velazquez' "Los Borrachos" and a picture of his Olimpia.In my version there is insted of the japonese restler you have Anthony who is an anime caracter from a series called Candy Candy ( I grew up watchin this shit!), then instead of the drunkenmen i put Wayne and Garth from the movie Wayne's World, and my own olimpia.
The whole setting has changed from a nice 1868 writers little corner to a cubicle in an overcrowded office in the year 2007

Sant Agatha Worf style!!!!!

So here we have the olimpia mummified with her breast cut out on a trey on top of the table. Here maid is Worf, who instead of flowers has a buquet of eyes. The whole decoration reminds me of miami beach... I wouldn't live there thats for sure!.
I'm going to try to be brief with this explanation...

The woman in the original painting was said to be a prostitute, and that caused quite a big commotion at the time. We're talking about 1800's, this had no decorum. So a thought: lets give the people what they want. So I covered her up, and gave her atributes of two saints, one is Saint Agatha who had her breasts cut out and the other one is Saint Lucia who had her eyes carved out. Not a nice way to die by the way.Made her a saint!!!

Worf's place in the whole scenario is not that clear somebody suggested it and I thought it was a good idea... and thats it.

For my first illustration I have chosen one that I consider very funny. It's a very simple illustration done with very basic photoshop tools but it has sort of a sentimental value for me. If you haven't guessed it yet its my vision of Manet's "Dejeuner sur l'herbe", one of my favorite painters. I've substituted all the characters except the women that seems to look right at you... makes you sort of wonder. So it was out of the question to eliminate her. The woman bathing is Bathsheba,wife of King David and mother of Salomon, who is one of the most hated women of the bible. I think they consider her a bitch, and thats why I thought it sort of fitted perfectly with the other woman that is supposed to be a prostitute. Then we have this really absurd guy at the front who is Borat and sort of gives it a litlle contemporary non-religious feel to it. Hes actually the sort of guys who would be in a situation like this, not like the real two gentlemen who Manet paints. For me those two have too much class, regardless of what books say about those two men. Unless they were high standing prostitutes...thats another story. The othe caracter is Osiris, one of the most important Gods in Egiptian mithology ( depending on the period but if I'm not mistaken he was commonly known in all periods because he was the faraon of the afterlife). Father to Horus and brother to Set. Borat and Osiris are two opposed ways of being...

At the end they both cancel each other out...only the two protitutes will out live them all!!!